Airplane models in various scales and  of several materials

First class models

Limox GmbH has exclusively developed a series of high quality resin models for your customers. These large-scale models are available in different finishes and are on a classy stand. A few examples of our work in the area of the First Class model series can be found in the gallery overview on the right.

You can purchase the First Class models in the following scales:

1:50 l 1:60 l 1:75 l 1: 100 l 1: 140

Premium models

Our premium supply consists of exquisite models including a filigree lacquering. The handcrafted paintworks of each model correspond to the current airplane lacquering. The delivery contains the airplane model and a steady stand. Premium models are available at scales 1:100, 1:130, 1:150 and 1:200.

Economy models

Our Economy models are produced  out of high quality synthetics and based on the so-called Snap Fit Technology.

This technology facilitates an assembly without any use of glue. The components of each model consist of infrangible die casting parts individualized by a highly detailed lacquering and clear varnish on top. Of course all models are delivered with a stand including the airplane type, livery and scale. An individually designed packaging completes your product.

Our offer implies models at scales 1:200 and 1:250.

Corporate design meets passion for collecting!

metal- & fighter models

LIMOX produces excellent metal models at scale 1:400 and 1:1000.

These models are a brilliant decoration for office rooms and represent the corporate design of your company in an eye-catching way. Additionally we offer a wide range of stands, for example elegant ones out of metal or stable synthetic stands.

We offer an exclusive selection of fighter models true to scale.

Each delivery includes the model placed on an extraordinary stand at your desired scale: 1:48, 1:60 or 1:72.

helicopters & tails

In cooperation with Eurocopter we developed a unique collection of helicopters including a precise lacquering and a stable stand.

Each model is an eye-catcher – discover your favorite one!

LIMOX tails consist of high-quality synthetics and become a highlight on their elegant wooden stand.

They’re simply essential for every aviation collection and always an appropriate present.